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The very youngest children at Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Stafford spend their time in our specially designed Baby room, welcoming children from the age of three months to twenty four months. The entire space is created with all their needs in mind and built as the perfect environment for them to begin to explore the world around them. Babies have their own sensory sleep room for those relaxing sleeps throughout the day.

We are passionate about taking care of your babies

While with us, babies are looked after by a dedicated and specially trained team of individuals. Each member of staff will care directly for no more than three children at any one time. This enables staff to provide the intimate care your child needs, understanding them as an individual. Doing this also helps staff to work in partnership with your parenting and continue routines from home.

In addition, your baby’s development is focused on three prime areas. These are:

  • Physical development
  • Communication and language
  • Personal, social and emotional development

Not only do we focus on these key areas, but we also weave development through your child’s day. We achieve this by talking and role-modelling with them during their play, for example. The care that Monkey Puzzle Stafford delivers ensures the environment that our babies stay in is stimulating and warm, full of interaction and play.

“My Daughter absolutely loves this nursery, every time I drop her off she is so happy to see the ladies in the baby room. She even try’s to jump out of my arms to get to the ladies! Every time I have picked her up she has been smiling away. Everyone here is amazing and the nursery itself is the best nursery I have visited in Stafford!”

Babies environment

Our babies benefit from a large, bright, open plan day room. This room promotes a stimulating environment, whilst remaining calm and nurturing for our littlest children. A cosy black and white area enhances our non-mobile baby’s sight and focus, with a pull up bar encouraging crawling and standing.

As babies spend a lot of time sleeping at this early age, we provide a dedicated sensory sleep room with dim lighting and mellow music to ensure they get high quality sleep. We constantly monitor the room temperature in the day to ensure the babies are comfortable at all times. Our well equipped sensory room stimulates their senses and encourages development, through light, sounds and textures.

There will never be more than three babies to any one member of staff, so you can be assured that your little one will get the essential attention they need at this stage in their life. Your child’s key worker and co key worker will take care of all their personal needs and will build a special bond with you and your child.

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